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Review by: Michael Stern


A tipster directed us to the town of Winnett for big pancakes, and although his note said he couldn’t remember the exact name of the restaurant that served them, he assured us we would have no problem finding it. Winnett is a mere crossroads of a town, but as we pulled in just after dawn, we saw no cluster of cars and pickups; indeed we saw no sign of life at all. Then a bicyclist rode up to what looked like a defunct gas station and shortly thereafter, the door of the place opened. The Kozy Korner was ready to serve breakfast.

The pancakes were not the biggest we ever have seen, but they were large and pillowy and easy to eat by the stack, with plenty of butter and syrup on top and a quartet of sausage links on the side.

The person who had told us about the pancakes also mentioned that the same restaurant was known for “damn good pies.” As we paid proprietor Buck Wood for breakfast, we watched his wife Ellen at the kitchen counter cutting shortening into flour, adding salt and a dash of vinegar and cold water to make the dough for crust on that day’s berry pies. We told her we were on our way to Great Falls, but if we happened to drive back through Winnett tomorrow, would she save us a couple of pieces of pie? Of course she would.

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