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The Koolest Kone in town

Kool Kone has been a staple in Wareham, Massachusetts, for over 50 years. This Ice cream shack is impossible to miss on the east side of Hwy 6 (Marion Road), with “Kool Kone” written in big white letters on a large maroon building.  Look for stick figure man with an ice cream cone on either side of him.

What should I eat at Kool Kone?

Kool Kone offers a menu of traditional Cape Cod seafood: fried clams, clam cakes, lobster rolls, quahogs, and clam chowder. The lobster roll is always good choice, served on a regular-sized hot dog roll that is buttered and grilled to perfection. The lobster is dressed with a hint of mayo. On the side comes a sizable portion of fries and a cup of coleslaw.

The tennis ball-size warm stuffed quahog clam has a soft and bready consistency with a smoky taste and a little kick. Even though the shell is small, it is full of all the good stuff – peppers, linguica, clams, and onions.

Clam cakes are a must try; light and fluffy batter with just the right amount of clams and are delicious dipped in tartar sauce. Fried clams are fresh, crunchy and tender and include the soft belly and all. Their classic New England clam chowder has a creamy thick broth and a generous amount of clams cut into little bits.

Dinner is also available

There also is a full dinner menu that is quite extensive, including unique dishes influenced by the long time Cape Verdean and Portuguese staff. These include shrimp, chicken, or steak Mozambique, a linguica sandwich, and brothy kale soup with linguica.  To drink, try a fizzy and fruity raspberry lime Rickey.

Don’t miss the Kool Wiz

What is a Kool Wiz? Mix a topping of your choice with the best soft serve.  Kool Kone’s soft serve is creamy and rich. Every topping under the sun is available; sour patch kids, Skittles, gummy bears, shredded coconut, Oreos, M&M’s, Twix, Heath Bar, etc. I had a  creamy coffee flavored soft serve mixed with M&M’s.

Other ice cream flavors include “Dinosaur Crunch”.  This is vanilla ice cream in an alarming shade of blue with Cocoa Krispies, orange pineapple, and salted caramel pretzel. There are countless other ice cream and frozen treat specialties, including frappes, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and shaved ice.

If you ever need Kool Wiz creation combination ideas, ask the teenager next to you in line! I saw combinations of ice creams with toppings that blew my mind, like one pairing of mint chocolate chip ice cream and peach rings.

How to order at Kool Kone

At Kool Kone you order at the window and receive a number on a slip of paper. When they call your number, retrieve your food on a tray and sit in a booth inside or a picnic table outside. The service is quick and they are very efficient and helpful.

Open all year!

Open year round, Kool Kone serves ice cream, fresh seafood, and full dinners, and even has an adjoining seasonal 18-hole mini-golf course called “Dolphin’s Cove,” complete with a full ocean theme and dolphin statue.  Tom Strom, owner for over 10 years, wants it to be a destination for the whole community, where folks can eat several times a week.

What To Eat

Kool Wiz

Homemade Quahogs

Lobster Roll

Coffee Soft Serve

Kale Soup

Homemade Clam Cakes

Fried Clams


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