Kojak’s House Of Ribs

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Kojak’s House of Ribs is a modest feed stop that serves outsized meat dishes and sides.

What should I eat at Kojak’s House of Ribs?

The spare ribs have a crispy char outside and are moist, great in combination with the parsley potatoes, a buttery-gold side concoction. The hot link sandwich is a worthwhile diversion from the ribs if, for whatever reason, ribs are not foremost on the mind of a diner at a place with as ribby a name as Kojak’s. The links are snappy and have a little picante zing to keep things interesting.

Both meat dishes go well with the somewhat local beer: Ybor Gold. Last, and certainly not least, comes the key lime pie, which — with its nice mixing of sour and sweet in a dense curd — is tough not to tackle.

*original post by Jason D.*

What To Eat

Spare Rib Plate

Key Lime Pie

Ybor Gold Beer


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