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Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

Route 66 runs straight through a few of America’s oldest towns and provides some of the best eats you’ll find on the road. We took a pit stop in Tucumcari, New Mexico, looking for a hearty breakfast and found Kix on 66 to be serving exactly what we needed. Lots of counter stools and plenty of booths are available for dining all around their retro-decorated establishment. Warm cinnamon rolls are displayed on the counter and an endless amount of coffee options are listed above the cash register. It’s hard to not want to dive into a warm treat and a cup of joe… so that’s exactly what we did.

For breakfast: the Kingman and the Chicago Smothered Burrito. The Kingman is a breakfast classic coming with 1 or 2 eggs, a ginormous portion of hash browns, and your choice of toast, dollar pancakes, or biscuit with gravy. We chose our eggs scrambled. They were buttery and fluffy, a nice comparison to the crisp, greasy string potatoes fried into a hash. The burrito came plated as a masterpiece ready to be devoured. A thicker, soft tortilla stuffed with eggs, beans, hash browns, your choice of ham, sausage or bacon and smothered in red or green sauce and baked with cheese. Choosing the house-made sausage proved to be a fantastic decision, adding a meaty seasoned flavor to the whole burrito. We had it topped with the spicier green sauce. Our mouths were tingling as we finished the entire traditional Mexican flavored dish.

Onto our coffee and cinnamon roll. Somehow our appetites appeared out of nowhere as we smelled the warmed cinnamon roll placed in front of us. Super soft, it dripped with icing, it is a temptation impossible to resist, all the better alongside a freshly brewed cup of coffee. We’ve only tried the fresh brew house coffee, and while not spectacular, it packs the necessary punch and pairs great with the bakery offerings.

Route 66 is crowded with diners and classic eats, and Kix on 66 is not to be missed: diner style breakfast, sandwiches, burgers for lunch, and fresh coffee and pastries all day long.

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Chicago Smothered Burrito

Cinnamon Roll

Kingman Special w/ Hash Brown



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