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Joe Peep’s Pizza in North Hollywood (OK, Valley Village), is a neighborhood institution, whatever the neighborhood. It is also a mystery. Who exactly is Joe Peep? The logo shows “Kilroy was here.” Well, the secret is there isn’t exactly a Joe Peep. But there is an owner who started working in a local bakery in his early teens. There he perfected the art of the pizza crust. Although the joint takes on a New York vibe, the owner says, “You don’t have to be from New York to make a perfect crust.”

What should I eat at Joe Peep’s?

Intrigued by the 5,969 calorie pizza, we ordered it on the first visit, and later on a return visit. Both the pepperoni and the 5,969-calorie pizza were fantastic. Still, the calorie-laden pizza seemed to waste space with low-calorie onions, olives and pepperoncini. More sausage! More pepperoni! That’s how you up the calories.

Actually, the designation is simply to differentiate the medium-crust heavy-topping pizza from the New York-style thin crust pizza with light toppings. When I asked how they figured out the pizza would be 5,969 calories, the counter guy shrugged and said, “It seemed like a good number.”

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