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In this home town sub shop, count on expertly-made sandwiches on good, fresh rolls.

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Stewart Dean

July 2nd, 2008

The only tipoff that Joe Beez is primo Roadfood is the steady stream of locals, from the white collar guys from the county computer center across the street to the cars of local kids (how do those teenagers fit six in a compact?).

This place is about subs: high-caloric, high cholesterol, delish subs of every conceivable makeup… and every year, Joe runs a contest for new ones. In spite of the rough and ready appearance, the subs are made with care, with class ingredients like crusty sub rolls. Your taste buds will think they’ve gone to heaven. What’s good? It’s ALL good.

The place is hometown: walls are plastered with newspaper clippings of hometown and national teams, there’s a big mural of the hippie 60’s and 70’s (you’re about 10 miles from Woodstock, after all), crates of soda (Boynton soda is available, in addition to the usual Pepsi line) are stacked here and there. There are newspapers for while you wait. There is no, zero, zilch atmosphere and no presentation… but you didn’t come here for that. For that you go across the Hudson River down to Hyde Park to the Culinary Institute of America.

I’d go to Joe Beez two to three times a week for lunch except that, at age 60, I’d have a coronary in six months.


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