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Review by: Michael Stern

JB’s menu is huge, featuring every kind of Florida seafood, including rock shrimp (when available), pompano, and a wonderful “crabulous sandwich” filled with nothing but crabmeat dabbed with mayonnaise. Blue crabs are a specialty, available as peppery as you like by the dozen. Steamed, broiled, fried, blackened, stuffed, or as the basis of grand gourmet scampis and imperials: you can have just about anything that swims just about any which way.

There is indoor dining, but the choice seats are outside on a broad deck by the water where private and commercial fishing boats come and go and where the everpresent sunshine seems to muffle even the high-spirited chatter of JB’s raucous clientele.

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Crabulous Sandwich

Steamed Spiced Shrimp


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August 12th, 2013

Went to JB’s Fish Camp yesterday (Aug 11 2013), a hot summer day in Florida. So we decided to eat inside with the nice AC. We were seated in a noisy area and requested a seat at the back where it was quieter. The hostess was very accomodating. Our seats were perfect!
Hubby ordered the “large” order dinner of fried oysters. He said they were a bit greasy but not over cooked. It just didn’t appear to be a large order (maybe a dozen +/-). The hushpuppie that came with it was an “…inedible doughball”. (Please note my husband eats ANYTHING!). The dirty rice was cold and tasteless. Cost for his dinner $16.95.
I ordered the Blackened Grouper with an ear of corn and coleslaw. The grouper was spicey as promised and it was tasty. Not a huge portion as it was the flat end of the tail. But it was sitting in lots of butter. The ear of corn was soggy. Now the cole slaw…VERY BAD! When the server came to take our plates away I told her to check the dates on the coleslaw as I was sure it had gone bad! And yes, I had my husband try it too, same report! So she said that maybe it was the pineapple that I wasn’t expecting! That wasn’t it! So she said that 2 weeks ago they decided to change the recipe and add OLD BAY seasoning! YUCK!!!!!! That must have been the problem! Why anyone would add Old Bay to coleslaw is beyond me! I asked her to please tell them the coleslaw is terrible. (No adjustment in check BTW) So my dinner was $18.95. I had iced tea that was served in throw away plastic to the tune of $2.50 !!! I will say the server was great about refills!
The service was the only good thing here! Bill came to $40.50 including tax. We were on an “adventure” to find the place (it’s VERY out of the way!)and that was fun. Would not return as the quality of the food came nowhere near the prices! We are looking forward to Florida’s seafood back in Cocoa Beach FL, where we can get much better of the same thing at lower prices!


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