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Review by: Michael Stern

Lunch on the Go

A quick hop off the Palmetto Parkway (I-520), Janwiches offers a lone touch of homeyness in a formidable landscape of Augusta, Georgia, industry. Fast deli sandwiches, a couple of wraps, and a salad or two compose the entire menu. Place an order at one window; pick it up at the other window.

A Local Favorite

The proprietors present everything in disposable dishes, in plastic bags. Don’t expect a dining room. Customers either take their fast deli sandwiches away or tote them to one of the picnic tables outside. Open only Monday through Friday and only for lunch, Janwiches earns kudos from both blue collar and white collar folks who work hereabouts. Expect to see customers carrying multi-dozen-bag orders to tote back to lunchrooms or loading docks where they work. If you are a traveler just east of the city in search of a fast deli sandwich that is a cut above the franchises, you want to know about this brisk place

Everything’s A Cut Above

The menu offers no surprises. Just about everything tastes more homey than institutional. They make a nice, handcrafted chicken salad. Their hot ham and cheese depends on flavorful provolone and black forest ham. House-made pimento cheese melts into a just-right balance of sharp and creamy when it’s between two slices of grilled white bread. They pile their club sandwich high. Even the egg salad rates a cut above fast food. Consider fried bologna. Here they grill a couple of slices until the meat develops a slightly crunchy edge. They then sandwich it with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise (or, if you wish, just mustard). It’s a slippery mess, but a yummy one.

Must Drink Lemonade

On the side, stuffed potato salad is cool. But it delivers all the flavor oomph of a hot, fully-loaded baker plus plenty of hard-boiled egg. If you like lemonade, consider Janwiches’ 32-ounce serving, which contains an entire cut-up lemon in every cup.


What To Eat

Bologna Sandwich

Potato Salad



Grilled Pimento Cheese

Philly Steak


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