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If you love fresh Florida seafood and are looking for an Oyster Bar in Panama City, Florida, Hunt’s Oyster Bar is a good destination. If you crave only the freshest Apalachicola oysters, then Hunt’s is the place to go in the Florida panhandle.

A little history

Around since 1967 and now in its third location, this place is hard to beat.

Panama City, aka the “Redneck Rivera” is fond in my memories. I basically grew up in my teenage years there in the early seventies, being the military brat that I am. I fondly remember the days of fried shrimp, baked potatoes, and salad bars. I also remember Hunt’s. Nowadays, Hunt’s has evolved from a small neighborhood oyster bar to a small oyster and seafood restaurant. Ha. The oysters are what I and thousands of others seek, year after year, day after day. Unfortunately, now visitors to Panama City know that also.

What is on Hunt’s Oyster Bar Menu?

Their menu includes all of what you would expect in seafood, plus steaks, burgers, and the proverbial chicken fingers, et al. Beer and wine are served also. The issue arises, however, with being served. The best time to arrive is at least 45 minutes before opening on any given day. The crowd builds quickly on the porch. You can go in and get beverages while you are waiting. The line grows larger the later it gets. If you arrive after three-thirtyish, you are probably going to have to wait outside a minimum of an hour. But like I said, you arrived before opening, right? Now the doors open. Forget the tables if possible and head directly to the bar stools. Not only is the service better, the shuckers pay close attention to your food & beverage needs! Tip generously.

What do we eat?

Now the food. Like I said, oysters, oysters, oysters; both raw and baked. We usually start with two dozen raw each, and then quickly follow that with baked. Parmesan baked is our fave, but they have four other varieties. The prices are market price for the oysters and seafood, but I believe you will find them quite reasonable. Oh yeah, we usually eat 3-4 dozen baked.

So my Road Food comrades, when next you are near Panama City, FL, please do visit here. You will assuredly leave stuffed and satisfied.

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What To Eat

Fresh Apalachicola Oysters

Baked Oysters


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Al & Janet Bowen

December 5th, 2013

We have enjoyed Oysters and Shrimp at TWO of the Hunt’s Seafood places. Once in Panama City, FL and twice at their Dothan, AL location. Both qualify as near or at the top of our list for excellent seafood. I second Joe’s recommendations for this fine source of ‘Southern’ Oysters.
Al & Janet Bowen


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