Huck’s Catfish

Review by: Marlene Steinberg

Catfish and more catfish. The slogan at Huck’s is, “A good place to eat catfish.” Must be right because Huck’s Catfish in Denison, Texas, has people driving up from all over Texas and down from all parts of Oklahoma for their take on Mississippi-style catfish. Huck’s is located just south of the Oklahoma border right off I-75. Seating is in one large room where everyone is eating catfish and you can’t forget you’re in Texas! Texans are proud people.

Served with the obligatory pickled tomato relish and slices of raw onion, Huck’s fried catfish is offered in a number of ways. Eat it by itself or pair it up with fried shrimp or stuffed crabs; either way, you can’t go wrong. For those that don’t want fried food, Huck’s also offers steamed catfish and grilled salmon. But trust me, order the catfish. You won’t be disappointed.

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