Hubbard’s Off Main

Review by: Michael Stern

It is hard to categorize Hubbard’s Off Main because its personality is unique. Located in a brick-walled, wood-floored town building that has been both a hardware store and a piano store, it has a casual air but serves sophisticated food. Some of its specialties reflect traditions of the Deep South, from shrimp & grits to fried catfish to turnip greens. The repertoire also includes dishes with a Louisiana accent — jambalaya, Cajun seafood ramen (!), pork and shrimp gumbo. It also is possible to tuck into a hand-cut ribeye steak or a bacon cheeseburger on Texas toast.

Diverse as the menu is, everything that comes from the kitchen shares a level of class and style that reflects culinary ambition that is something other than a basic small-town meat-and-three cafe. Nothing I have eaten is outrageous or edgy; but that’s the point. This is neighborly fare: pimento cheese is creamy and spreadable; meat loaf is subtle and swank; mac ‘n’ cheese, made with good rotini pasta, is sheer comfort food. My eyebrows did get raised (happily) by a salted caramel pretzel brownie a la mode for dessert, but I would argue that such extremism when it comes to sweet things is a classic southern touch.

Notes: Hubbard’s is closed Monday. Dinner is served only Thursday through Saturday. Live music is featured weekend nights.

What To Eat

Salted Caramel Pretzel Brownie

Macaroni and Cheese

Meat Loaf

Pimento Cheese


Corn Bread Muffins


Hubbard’s Off Main Recipes


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