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Review by: Michael Stern

Creativity + Tradition

They try harder at Honey and Salt. They succeed. You feel the enthusiasm. The staff wants customers to enjoy themselves. The menu tempts you with restless creativity as well as traditional culinary values. It all adds up to a Blue Ridge Mountain best.

Consider the corned beef hash.  You will not find this hash in a typical roadside diner; but neither does it try too hard to be different. An inspired balance of briney beef shreds and sweet potato nuggets find happiness in a whirl of horseradish cream cheese, gruyere cheese, an egg, and a tangle of pickled onions. Totally satisfying!

Likewise, a Farmhouse Skillet layers potato hash, pimento cheese and cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, and fresh basil,. Add to that a crown of creamy jalapeno sauce. Every forkful delivers a different balance of flavors, the sum of them being breakfast bliss.

Not Your Ordinary Sandwiches

Multi-grain toasts inspire open-face sandwiches that range from the ubiquitous avocado (made special by a drizzle of roasted garlic olive oil) to “Protein Power” made with peanut or almond butter. Or check out the dazzling “Sweet & Sassy” that combines lemon-honey goat cheese, seasonal fruit and jam, and a hail of pistachio chunks.

Blue Ridge Mountain Best Ice Cream Treat

If you want to end a meal with something sweet, pray that Honey and Salt is well-stocked with ice cream sandwiches. They are immense, made with artisan ice cream. I have swooned over one made with great chocolate chip cookies (just the right balance of soft and crisp), vanilla ice cream, and a thick vein of salted caramel. To drink, have some very good coffee or a freshly-blended smoothie.

Poetic Inspiration

Honey and Salt, by the way, is the name of a book of poems written by Carl Sandburg, who lived in Flat Rock for much of his working life. His home now is a National Historic Site open to visitors. Note also that this temperate town hosts a couple of other Roadfood faves, including Village Bakery and Hubba Hubba Smokehouse.

What To Eat

Farmhouse Skillet

Sweet & Sassy Toast

Corned Beef Hash

Monkey Bread

Ice Cream Sandwich

Green River


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