Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

Review by: Michael Stern

If you have a sweet tooth in Louisville, you need to know about this place. It is dessert-lover’s heaven.

The ice cream is homemade and hand-dipped and very good, including such seasonal flavors as pumpkin, peach, and egg nog. The pies are gorgeous. They include classic chess pie as well as lemon chess and chocolate chess, key lime pie and Shaker sugar pie, seasonal fruit pies, mince pie in the autumn, and the #1 customer favorite, Dutch apple with caramel pie.

Cakes make us swoon: beautiful layer cakes swirled with sweet-smelling buttercream frosting. A few favorite varieties include red velvet cake (a deep, dark chocolate) with cream cheese frosting, banana-pecan cake with butter cream, coconut cake, mandarin orange cake with pineapple-filled whipped cream, and jam-spice cake with caramel frosting. For plan-ahead parties, cakes are available with writing and candles and decoration in edible colors that range from black and gold for Halloween to pink and lavender for Springtime.

Because we only visit Louisville for short periods of time, coming to this little shop is inevitably frustrating. There is no way two people can even begin to sample all the cakes available any one day. Nearly everything is sold by the slice as well as the whole cake, and there are a few dining tables scattered about for drop-ins who require instant gratification.

Directions & Hours

10am - 9pm
  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM

What To Eat

Dutch Apple Pie

Chess Pie

Red Velvet Cake

Turtle Ice Cream Pie

Buckeye candy

Chocolate Chess Pie

Sugar Cookies

Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie


Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen Recipes


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