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Kansas City rightfully is known as the fried chicken capital of Missouri (if not of the Midwest and maybe even the whole wide world). But St. Louis has notable fried chicken, too, served at Hodak’s. Boasting that it has been “St. Louis’ premier stop for chicken lovers since 1962,” Hodak’s started as a corner bar. The proprietor’s wife used to bring in fried chicken for the customers, and the customers liked it so much that it became part of the bar’s attraction and is now the primary reason most people come to eat here.

The price is right! For well under $10 you get a platter with four pieces, each encased in a thin, crunchy crust that shores in very juicy meat; on the side come crinkle-cut French fries and cole slaw. Pay forty cents more and you get hot barbecue sauce for dipping — a fine fate for this good bird. Hodak’s also has a broad menu of steaks, roast beef, ribs and seafood as well as such appetizers as seasoned wings, chicken strips and, of course, St. Louis’ favorite appetizer, toasted ravioli.

What To Eat

Fried Chicken Platter (with hot sauce)

Toasted Ravioli


Fried Mushrooms


Hodak’s Recipes


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Richard Rowe

January 9th, 2012

I live in West Central Illinois, read Mr. Stern’s review, and during a trip to the STL area chose to drive a good bit out of my way to eat at Hodak’s. It was well worth the trip, I will say that right up front. A LOT of very good fried chicken with fries, slaw, and hot sauce (yes, $.40 extra), as well as plenty of Castup and BBQ sauce on the table in squeeze bottles. My waitress was efficient and very friendly. The fries were perfect, the slaw was beautifully complimentary to the fries and chicken. The chicken was cooked to exactly the right degree of doneness -moistly tender on the inside nice and crispy on the outside. PLUS flavorful! I only have one complaint… someone should have warned me about ordering half a chicken… Good GOD, I’ve never SEEN a chicken that big in my local meat market! Eating that damned thing was a challenge, but with a 120 mile drive home and no refrigeration it was eat it or leave it and no road-warrior is going to leave anything that good on his/her plate. Next time, it’s a 1/4’er chicken, but there will be a next time! Thank you Roadfood.com for the great tip.


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