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Review by: Michael Stern

What to eat at Hires Big H Drive-In in Salt Lake City, UT

Beyond root beer, Hires menu is a classic drive-in bill of fare: a long list of hamburgers including a “New York H” (garnished with grilled onions), a Danish H (with a slice of ham), a Roquefort H, a Pastrami H, and a Big H, which is garnished with lettuce, tomato, special sauce, and cheese. There is even a Harvest H, a patty made entirely of vegetables for meat-frowners. The bun on which Big H burgers are served is gentle-tempered sourdough with a floury top (as opposed to what the combative menu describes as “some preservative-enhanced, wilted crust studded with obnoxious seeds”).

On the side of whatever H hamburger suits your fancy, you want fresh-cut French fries or onion rings. Both are available with Utah’s unique dipping sauce, a pink emulsion reminiscent of French dressing; the potatoes can be ordered with a mantle of homemade chili and melted cheese. And if a mug of root beer hasn’t satisfied your sweet tooth, there are terrific shakes, malts, freezes, and sundaes.

At Big H, you can drive up, blink your lights and enjoy car hop service; or it is possible to dine inside in a bright, cheerful, blue-chaired dining room.

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Shawn R Nance

May 20th, 2023

Hires is good, but is very expensive, it cant compare to in-and-burger, and you dont have to tip at in-and-out burger


Allen Dodworth

September 10th, 2009

Hires Big H drive-ins are the real deal, a great place to see and be seen through the windshield of your car. They have more than one location, but the original, best outlet is on the edge of downtown Salt Lake City, at the corner of 700 East and 400 South Streets. For the real Hires experience, dine in your car in the traditional manner, with a tray hooked to the driver’s side window, trying to figure out where to put your order inside the car, spilling fries on your lap, and so forth.

First-time visitors should go with the original Big H burger and draft Hires root beer in a frosty mug. After that, I recommend a Western H (burger with bacon and BBQ sauce) and one of their real fountain cherry Cokes. They have ordinary hamburgers on ordinary buns; why waste your time on one of those? The Big H buns are sort of semi-sourdough, and have great texture and flavor. My one complaint is that Hires Big H is one of those places that think a malt or shake is to be eaten with spoon. You can ask for drinking consistency, but they don’t quite get that right.


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