High Street on Market

Worth a detour

Beckoning diners with comforting dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients, High Street on Market is open from morning to evening almost every day of the week. Steps from Ben Franklin’s house, it has a fun, only-in-Philly kind of feel.

We start with coffee brewed from small-batch beans from Rival Brothers. I also get the iced Triple C, which is a foamy, creamy coffee concoction made with espresso, cardamom, and coconut milk. The milk gives it subtle sweetness. Next, a fig-rosemary scone from the selection of pastries, which dwindles quickly, especially on weekends. This number has flakes of sea salt on top. It’s a bit dry, but the flavors are tasty.

Then, the The Hickory Town egg sandwich. Add the potatoes, which are piled atop a generous swipe of garlic aioli and heavily seasoned with Old Bay spice. They’re starchy and delicious. The sandwich is a classic with local twists. The meat is a Lancaster bologna, a lean beef product of the Lancaster Amish that’s thinly-sliced, sweet, and smoky. Then, Amish horseradish cheddar cheese, a layer of fried red onions, and slightly sweet gherkin mayo. You can add a touch of house hot sauce from a dropper, but I think it’s better on its own.

Next up: whole grain sourdough waffles. They’re not heavy on the sourdough, but deliciously moist and stuffed with Concord grapes, which are sweet and juicy. The grapes are also on top, neatly fitting in the waffle holes. It’s served with maple syrup and an impossibly smooth malted butter that practically disappears when you spread it on the waffle.

The spot is bustling, with slightly frantic but friendly waitresses tending to lots of young groups and families. In the back, a shelf is lined with loaves of house-baked bread. Before you leave, take a look at the small Pennsylvania map on the wall that shows where the kitchen’s ingredients come from, confirming you can really only get this meal here.

What to Eat
High Street on Market, The Hickory Town
The Hickory Town
Lancaster bologna, Amish cheddar, fried onions, and sweet gherkin mayo complete The Hickory Town.
High Street on Market, Sourdough Waffles with Malted Butter
Sourdough Waffles with Malted Butter
Malted butter melts the minute it touches the sourdough waffles.
High Street on Market, The Triple C
The Triple C
A (slightly devoured) scone and the frothy Triple C: iced espresso, coconut milk, and cardamom.
High Street on Market, Side of Potatoes
Side of Potatoes
Be sure to get a side of Old Bay–spiced potatoes with garlic aioli.
High Street on Market, Fig and Rosemary Scone
Fig and Rosemary Scone
While we wait: a fig and rosemary scone with flakes of sea salt.
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Late Night
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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