Helen’s Sausage House

Sandwich Shop
Worth driving from anywhere!

If you are hungry and rushing north towards the Delaware Valley Bridge any time between four in the morning and lunch, call Helen’s and place a sandwich order. That’s the way the truckers do it, and in this case, the truckers are on to a very good thing. Helen’s Sausage House is a roadside eatery with huge sandwiches at small prices.

The sausages Helen serves are thick and crusty giants with plenty of Italian zest. They spurt juice when you bite them, and a normal sandwich is two in a roll (although wimpy appetites can get a single). With fried green peppers and onions, this is a truly majestic arrangement of food – a little messy to eat with one hand while driving, but nevertheless, one of the great sausage sandwiches anywhere.

Helen’s offers all manner of breakfast sandwich on bread or rolls, made with eggs, bacon, scrapple, and fried ham; as well as lunch-time sandwiches of steak, cheese steak, burgers, hot beef, and hot ham. Other than the sausage, the one must-eat (and must see!) meal is Helen’s pork chop sandwich. When the menu says jumbo pork chop, you better believe it. This slab of meat is approximately three times larger than the puny pieces of white bread that are stuck on either side of it. It isn’t all that thick a chop, but it is tender, moist, and mouth-wateringly spiced.

While most of Helen’s clientele stop by for sandwiches wrapped to go, it is possible to dine here. Place your order at the counter and carry it to one of a few tables on ground level opposite the instant-order counter, or proceed up a couple of steps into a dining room decorated entirely with pictures of Elvis. This is Roadfood extraordinaire!

What to Eat
Helen’s Sausage House, Sausage Sandwich
Sausage Sandwich
It is assumed you want a double when you order a sausage sandwich.
Helen’s Sausage House, Fried Bologna with Egg Sandwich
Fried Bologna with Egg Sandwich
Crisp-fried bologna with egg: a good sandwich, but not on the level of sausage.
Helen’s Sausage House, Pork Chop Sandwich
Pork Chop Sandwich
It's Helen's SAUSAGE house, but the pork chop is terrific, too.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Monday4am - 12pm
Tuesday4am - 12pm
Wednesday4am - 12pm
Thursday4am - 12pm
Friday4am - 12pm
Saturday4am - 12pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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