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Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

The Shed in Healdsburg is a temple of fine local food, a one-stop showcase for Wine Country agriculture and gourmet obsessions. Within its walls you can find wines, cheeses, and even designer aprons all made hereabouts.

There are a café/restaurant in the back, a coffee bar with house baked pastries in the front, and a charcuterie counter and deli in the middle. Locals stock up on farm fresh produce and cookbooks for a do-it-yourself approach to lunch or enroll in cooking classes and workshops. And there is a “fermentation bar” where house-brewed kombucha and kefir are served. They call it a “modern grange.”

Those wanting the classic Wine Country picnic can grab a sandwich, cheeseboard, or daily special. Those exploring the town can have a leisurely lunch at the café or indulge in a farm dinner. We like to order fresh salads and snacks and eat at the picnic tables out in front of the market.

Our favorite things are containers of beet tzatziki, carrot tahini, and lentil humus. These unusual twists on Mediterranean spreads are a great accompaniment to hearth baked loaves from the bakery counter. The three can be combined into one container for a colorful mix.

Of a rotating selection of fresh salads, consider the seaweed mix. It is an exotic medley of sea veggies and tofu, colorful and fresh. The saline flavors of the salad are a great counterpoint to the earthy dips. The esoteric textures of the  vegetables are ones you don’t often find.

At the pastry counter, we have delighted in flaky biscuits with creamery butter and fresh strawberry jam and a double chocolate croissant. The croissant is particularly good, with flaky layers of cocoa-laced pastry and a molten chocolate middle. These are a great compliment to the espresso bar or a glass of fermented tea. 

What To Eat

Beet Tzatziki, Lentil Humus and Carrot Tahini

Seaweed Salad

Mini Biscuit

Double Chocolate Croissant

Breakfast Sandwich


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