Harvest House

Review by: Michael Stern

From the highway, Harvest House looks like a roadside cafe/diner. Inside, that’s the way it’s configured. But once you look at the menu, then when you eat what comes from the kitchen, you realize that this restaurant answers to a higher calling.

Nothing is quite what you expect it to be. Shrimp & grits are unusually sweet; fried green tomatoes come as a giant tower blanketed with pimento cheese; smoky ham has a Coca-Cola glaze.

Hamburgers are grand. They are half-pound, hand-pattied Angus beef available topped with pimento cheese, bacon, and caramelized onions or as a “South by Southwest” variation that includes tobacco onion rings and chipotle BBQ sauce. Beef-frowners can have a blackened turkey burger with roasted garlic mayonnaise, onions, and provolone on a sweet potato roll.

A long roster of lunchtime sandwiches includes Reubens, thick-sliced bologna on a sweet potato bun, Cubans, French dips, catfish po boys, and chicken salad that includes cranberries and goat cheese.

Friends of the earth will likely be happy with Harvest House, where meals are described as eco-friendly. That means they are composed of “the freshest and least traveled (local) vegetables, proteins, and other ingredients.”

What To Eat

Fried Green Tomato Tower



Shrimp & Grits

Sweet Potato Fries

Collard Greens

Dinner Rolls

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Banana Pudding


Harvest House Recipes


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One Response to “Harvest House”

Janet Parkinson

October 5th, 2022

I am using my husband’s account to write this review. My friend and I went to lunch at the Harvest House today, October 4th 2022. My friend had been before and recommended it. We walked in and seated ourselves at the last table on the right side, by the window. The first wait staff came to take our drink order and we both ordered water with lemon. She came back with the water with lemon. No problem so far.
Then another person, a female wait staff took our order for food and was “snappy”, with an attitude. When she brought back our food she threw it on the table without a word and left. We ate and then she came back and threw our check on the table, again with no word. She left our table and went directly to another table where she asked them if they were enjoying their food and if they would like dessert.
The contrast between the treatment was glaring. My friend and I were puzzled. We had no idea what we did to anger this person, and still don’t. If she had asked me if I was enjoying the lunch, I would have told her it was simply delicious. I ordered the salmon salad with fresh spinach leaves and a honey mustard dressing and the salmon was cooked perfectly.
I would have given the Harvest House a five star rating, but because the the rude treatment I am giving it a two star. This is how much it ruined our enjoyment. Will I go back again? Maybe. Maybe not.


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