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Review by: Michael Stern

Harry’s cheeseburgers are fast-food perfection. They are put on the hot, oily surface as a round patty a little smaller than a baseball, then they are flattened out with a spatula. Despite getting squished, the hamburgers remain thick enough to be overwhelmingly juicy.

Hot dogs are cooked on the same grill, and they’re plump and tasty ones, especially satisfying when bedded atop some of Harry’s chili sauce. And you can get good fried clams, too. But it’s burgers on which Harry’s reputation is built, rightfully so.

Normal seating is outdoors on picnic tables along both sides of the capacious parking lot. As of June, 2020, service is strictly drive-through.

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March 6th, 2011

My story is a sad one. I grew up in Colchester, CT, only four miles from Harry’s. For 21 long years I would look forward to our trips to Harry’s for a juicy burger (once or twice a year as a child, due to our large family and the high prices). As I got older my yearly trips became weekly and, at times, daily.

The way the juice of the burger runs down your face; the joy of dipping onion rings into melted cheese sauce… nothing can come close. I got older, I moved to Florida, and the only time I get to go to Harry’s is when i visit my family back in Colchester.

I recently found out that my parents are selling their house and moving away. I will be spending two weeks up there soon, and you can bet that Harry’s place will be one of my first stops, and also the last.

Amazing food. Amazing staff. Amazing time.



January 26th, 2011

I have been going to Harry’s since I could walk. I am now 22 years old and it is by far my favorite place to eat. We live 45 minutes away and will visit Harry’s on a weekly basis in the summertime. Harry’s was a popular hang-out for my grandparents during the heyday of the 50s. They frequently told stories of driving to Harry’s for dinner with all of their friends.

Their burgers are small and old-fashioned but they are mouthwatering and absolutely delicious. By far the best burger I have ever had. The condiments are fresh and crisp and the hamburg rolls are made locally right up the street at the Colchester Bakery.

Their hot dogs are also delcious! Finish the meal off with some Hershey’s ice cream and a stroll through the car show held once a month on the green. It is truly worth the drive and I will continue to go for many years to come.


Tom Walker

October 1st, 2009

Harry’s is our favorite roadside eatery in the state of Connecticut. Known for their burgers, cooked from a freshly made ball of excellent ground beef, you basically cannot go wrong with any item on the wide menu. The burgers are so good it makes it difficult to order anything else. They are cooked to order, with a long list of toppings, on a bakery fresh custom-made soft roll.

Since I must have a second item, I normally choose from a freshly battered fish sandwich, whole fried clams, scallops, and fried oysters. I even had a pearl in a recent oyster! Though their hot dogs are high quality, I usually opt for a second main item and/or a side order selected from onion rings, chili and cheese fries, poppers (cream cheese or cheddar), or shrimp cocktail. My grandkids like the chicken fingers. Harry’s has a separate ice cream line which is also popular.

Harry’s has been in the same location for as long as I can remember, and I’m now in the senior population. It was a popular stop to and from the Connecticut shoreline long before the current highway system was in place, but remains very successful as an off-highway stop because it is just plain good! We often stop there on our way to the casino.


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