Harriet & Oak Cafe and Roaster

Review by: Jess Dawson

Walking into Harriet & Oak is calming and energizing at the same time. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, catch up on email, or just enjoy a cup of house-roasted coffee.

The assortment of food and beverages has you covered from breakfast to evening snacks: There are açaí bowls, chorizo burritos,  locally-made bagels, apple manchego sandwiches, a curry croissant, meat and cheese plates, and more. There is an excellent selection of vegan (and non-vegan) baked goods — and waffles on Wednesdays and weekends. 

Cold brew is good and cold, helpful in 90+-degree weather; I find most cold brews kick my butt in terms of caffeine and bitterness, but this one accomplished caffeination without such tactics. Lavender matcha latte with almond milk has subtle lavender undertones and a creamy, well-balanced matcha flavor.

The sweet potato bowl is layered with quinoa, spinach, baked egg, chèvre, sweet potatoes, and roasted red bell peppers. Sausage is optional and highly recommend. It comes with salsa, but make sure you also ask for a side of the vegan sriracha. It’s spicy and flavorful –a nice addition to the fresh ingredients in the bowl.

Sausage burrito comes in a soft wheat tortilla, a helping of the flavorful sausage, well-melted cheese, peppers, a generous amount of scrambled egg, and spinach. Again, a good opportunity to apply some sriracha.

How about a raspberry pop-tart to top things off? These from-scratch pastries have a flaky, slightly savory crust sprinkled with sugar — a marvelous balance for the fresh, jam-y raspberry insides. It comes warmed up, of course.

The place is quiet but busy, with the trademark #Oakswagen parked right in the front. You can even sit in it and enjoy a turmeric latte if you want. Decor is shaggy chic, with jars of fresh tea, baskets of coffee for purchase, and an adorable section of South Dakota paraphernalia.

A small, subway tile-lined bar has a short but good selection of beers, from local IPAs to chocolate porters. Because yeah, you might stay long enough to enjoy happy hour.

What To Eat

Raspberry pop tart

Sweet potato bowl

Sausage burrito

Lavender matcha latte and cold brew


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