Green Mountain Smokehouse

Review by: Michael Stern

Here’s a culinary club we’d be happy to join: The Green Mountain Smokehouse Sausage Club. New members receive a punch card with ten little boxes. Every seven dollar purchase earns a punch; and once all ten boxes have holes in them, you get seven dollars worth of sausage free.

It would be especially fun trying to earn that prize because Green Mountain makes ten kinds of fresh sausage and two kinds of smoked sausage – breakfast sage, beer brats, Cajun, Garlic & Parmesan, hot Italian, sweet Italian, Polish kielbasa, Vermont maple links, Chinese, chorizo, smoked Polish and smoked Andouille. All sausages are packed into natural casings and can be bought either frozen or all set for the stove or charcoal-grill.

Sausage is one of many good things sold in this full-service butcher shop, where they are happy to make steaks or sausages from just about any fresh-killed critter you bring them. The “Combo Package” menu includes freezer-filling arrays of steaks, hams, pork loins, chicken breasts, ribs, bacon, turkey, and picnic-ready kabobs. The Green Mountain refrigerator cases are filled with fully-cooked “wings of fire” to munch on and all kinds of flavored and unflavored smoked Vermont cheeses.

The Smokehouse is take-away only. There is no place to eat here.

What To Eat

Smoked Cheese

Smoked Bacon


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