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Homemade diner-style chow (swell breakfast), a cast of local customers who help themselves to coffee refills, and a chef-proprietor named Evelyn who is a force of nature make this unpretentious eatery a good stop along Highway 101.

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Francesca Contreras

November 17th, 2010

Unpretentious. That’s what you’ll think when you step foot inside the Greasy Spoon Cafe in Langlois, Oregon. Set alongside Highway 101 with a small lighted sign announcing itself, the GSC beckons you in with its amazing smells. Stopping to make a phone call outside the cafe, I was drawn inside by the delicious smells of eggs and bacon frying.

Ordering a couple eggs (sunny side up, please) and biscuits with gravy, I was immediately taken with the GSC’s owner, Evelyn, who is a whirlwind in motion. Within minutes of my arrival, all six of the available booths inside the cafe had been filled and Evelyn quickly had her arms full with all the breakfasts ordered.

To my amusement, one of Evelyn’s regulars got up, reached behind the counter for the coffeepot and proceeded to give all the tables a fill-up while Evelyn shouted at all of us not to overwork her best free employee.

The regulars at the cafe are very friendly and Evelyn is a wonderful lady. Her kitchen area looks like a set out of the 1950s and I’m not talking kitschy 1950s like she went to Pottery Barn and paid a fortune for new stuff that looks old. I’m talking, this woman has been using the same stuff for years and it’s well-worn and proves that she KNOWS COOKING. They always say that truckers know the best places to eat so I wasn’t surprised to find several semi trucks parked outside.

If you’re looking for a place to stop and grab some grub, chat with a fine lady and soak up some Langlois atmosphere, be sure to stop at the Greasy Spoon Cafe. Open for breakfast and lunch daily.


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