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Grandaisy Bakery is the new name for the institution formerly known as the Sullivan Street Bakery. They reopened this year (2007) and sell most of the same items they always have: breads, tarts, crostatas, and other baked goods. Many NYC restaurants use Grandaisy as their supplier.

I tried a $1 pizza bianca from a food store that carried Grandaisy products. It was huge and seasoned with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil. A great snack. So I sought out Grandaisy itself and was amazed at the array of pizzas they offered. I picked up an assortment to bring home. The bianca was great as always; pillowy and chewy, this is what bread ought to be. The very good patate was topped with thinly sliced potatoes cooked until soft, but not mushy, and soft onions. Best of all was the Zuchini pizza, a magical and well-balanced combination of light and soft zucchini and sharp Gruyere.

The slices are a little bit more expensive than what you’d pay for a NY slice at a typical pizza place, but I feel that when dealing with only two or three ingredients, quality is king. I’ve sampled some pretty average slices in the city for less money, but Grandaisy has got them beat. The staff is friendly, and there are a couple of small tables to sit and indulge in a luscious torte or pizza, but its mostly a to-go kind of place. There are some other good food shops on Sullivan Street and this would be a good starting point for a culinary tour of SoHo and Greenwich Village.

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Pizza Bianca

Pizza Patate

Pizza Zuchini


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