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For anyone who grew up thinking of bologna as a circle of pale pink lunch meat about 1/16-inch thin, a fried bologna sandwich might not be an appetizing concept; but if you actually order one of these sandwiches in a restaurant that takes it seriously, such as the G & R Tavern of Waldo, Ohio, your image of bologna will never again be the same.

In this community tavern, the bologna is sliced thick and is seriously flavorful stuff, a pork and beef blend that is garlic-scented and fatty enough that when it sizzles in a skillet, it develops a wickedly savory crust enveloping moist meat within. G & R loads it into a sandwich with sweet pickles and onion (a great condiment combo), or your choice of mustard, mayonnaise, or tomato. Fitting side dishes include a variety of deep fried vegetables and curly fries.

If for some reason you are a fried-food-frowner, G&R also offers a bologna salad sandwich; and because this bologna is so much better than the spongy packaged stuff, the salad reminds us of something made with good ham, but smoother.

What to Eat
G&R Tavern, Fried Bologna Sandwich
Fried Bologna Sandwich
G&R's house-made bologna is the aristocrat of lunch meats.
G&R Tavern, Bologna Salad Sandwich
Bologna Salad Sandwich
Bologna salad is like ham salad, but in this case, better.
G&R Tavern, Pie
Tall, ultra-rich chocolate peanut butter pie
Directions and Hours
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Monday8 am - 11 pm
Tuesday8 am - 11 pm
Wednesday8 am - 11 pm
Thursday8 am - 11 pm
Friday8 am - 12 am
Saturday8 am - 12 am
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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