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Review by: Michael Stern

Fast Food Made to Order

Hardly bigger than a food truck, with no indoor seating whatsoever (but two picnic tables outdoors), the Come N Get It Grill serves low-priced good quick eats that are a cut above. Forget pre-fab junk food. Although it’s proletarian fare, it leaves common fast food in the dust.

Big Burgers, Crisp Pork Chops

One-third pound burgers star. These rugged, full-flavored patties will sate almost any burger craving. Festoon them with cheese and/or bacon and a full array of condiments (mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion), and you’ve found the road to hamburger heaven. Who cares that the bun is a bore when what’s inside packs satisfaction? Likewise the pork chop, for which the bun really does nothing more than carry it from plate to mouth. You can ask for the pork chop grilled, but fried will likely make you happier. Hot oil yields a crisp gold coat that matches so well with the piggy pillow it envelops.

Explore the Menu

Also from the fry kettle come hand-breaded chicken tenders, flounder fillets, country-fried steak, and crunchy onion rings. There are French fries, too — krinkle cuts, vividly seasoned. I think they’re good. But I can’t be certain because I had mine smothered with chili and cheese. It’s not a bad combo. But the fries are overwhelmed and it does require a fork and plenty of napkins. This chili and cheese pairing would be excellent on a dog. The menu bills the dog as “all meat.” But I don’t think that means all beef. I like the good quick eats at this neat-as-a-pin little joint enough to come back and see for certain.

Small Town Eats

Hephzibah, whose name comes from the Old Testament Book of Kings, is a small crossroads town not far from the road to Waynesboro. It hosts a dollar store or two, a gym, a grocery, a post office, some gas stations, and several churches. It also is home to Roadfood favorite, Dennis’ BBQ.

What To Eat

Bacon Cheeseburger

Pork Chop Sandwich

Philly Cheese Steak

Chili Cheese Fries


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