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Review by: Michael Stern

G & M’s crab cakes sport the biggest possible lumps. You can count the pieces of meat in each one, those from the interior glistening, resilient and all white, those forked off the outside offering a browned facet with faint crunch. Only a trace of breading separates the lumps. This crab is so regal that it is a perfect fit for crab imperial, the butter-rich casserole that here is infused with a vivid shot of Greek spice.

Stuffed shrimp — a dish that usually is more about bread in the stuffing than shrimp — are nothing short of magnificent. An order is two big, firm sweeties, each heaped with its own virtual crab cake. It’s a high-priced entree, worth every penny.

Yes, G&M is expensive. A dinner for two with a few drinks easily hits triple digit prices. But if you are looking for a grand Baltimore meal featuring such amenities as non-disposable flatware and tables with white tablecloths, it’s hard to beat. Beyond traditional Mid-Atlantic seafood, including broiled rockfish and fried oysters, G&M’s vast menu includes an array of deluxe steaks, pasta, lunchtime sandwiches, and a dish called Chesapeake chicken, which is, of course, stuffed with crab meat.

What To Eat

Crab Cakes

Stuffed Shrimp


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