Glenwood Pines

Review by: Michael Stern

There is a large menu at Glenwood Pines, including eighteen ounce steaks, farm-raised tilapia, spaghetti and meatballs, and multi-combo cold-cut sandwiches. But the main reason for coming to this friendly roadhouse overlooking Cayuga Lake is a Pinesburger. That’s a six-ounce beef oval topped with a couple of slices of cheese wedged into a length of Ithaca Bakery French bread with lettuce, tomato slices, onion slices and your choice of 1000 island dressing or mayonnaise. Connoisseurs told us that we had to have it with the 1000 island, and it would be hard to argue against that. The sweetness of the dressing is a grand compliment for the smoky meat and all its dressings. On the side, good companions include ultra-crunchy fried onion rings and creamy cole slaw.

We said the Pinesburger was the primary reason to visit. The secondary one is the fish fry. A huge, thick length of haddock is breaded and fried crisp and served with either tartar sauce or cocktail sauce. It is sweet, moist, flavorful fish, and a giant meal.

Ambience at Glenwood Pines is old-time tavern. When you walk in, you see a few pinball machines and a bowling game on the right, a pool table ahead of you and, beyond that, the bar where some folks sit and imbibe beers with (or without) their Pinesburgers as a TV delivers sports broadcasts from the upper right corner. To the left are tables and a small separate dining room; also a small case of trophies – for baseball, bowling, and volleyball – earned by teams that Glenwood Pines has sponsored.

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Matthew Peterson

July 28th, 2008

On a recent trip up to Ithaca for a wedding, my wife and I made the jaunt up route 89 to Glenwood Pines. The place immediately draws you in with its sign that reads “Glenwood Pines Restaurant Legal Beverages.”

The Pinesburger lives up to the hype and is indeed a great burger. I was talking with the owner after my meal, over a game of pinball, and he said they grind their own beef, which helps explain why the quality of the meat seems so high. The buns come from a local bakery in Ithaca as well. My only disappointment was when I asked if the onion rings were made at the restaurant and learned they were not. I opted for the homemade potato salad which, while not terrible, didn’t have a lot of flavor and couldn’t stand up next to such a great hamburger.

The vintage bowling machine might merit a trip in itself. According to the owner there used to be about six in the area and there were even bowling leagues that were formed around the machines. As far as he knows it is last one in the area.

Perfect Roadfood place.


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