George’s Coney Island Hot Dogs

Review by: Stephen Rushmore Jr.

Just a two-minute detour from Route 290 in Worcester, MA led me to an absolute treat of an old-fashioned hot dog eatery. For over 80 years George’s Coney Island Hot Dogs have truly been a local favorite. Everything about the restaurant oozes Roadfood – the large neon sign outside with a 10-foot hotdog, the long counter with over 100 hot dogs grilling, the enormous tub of mustard waiting to be tossed onto the dogs, the well-worn eating booths with completely illegible graffiti, and a menu with prices that make you think you have stepped back in time.

The menu at Coney Island is straightforward – the classic order is a hot dog with mustard, chili and onions. They also have hamburgers and some basic sandwiches, but considering the overwhelming number of hot dogs on the grill, it is obvious that the dog is the prized food option. Coney Island also offers a complete choice of both soda and beer.

The dogs are relatively thin with a proportionate amount of mustard, chili sauce and onions. The chili, which is the key ingredient, is a thin and mild homemade variety that functions as a gluing agent for the other ingredients. The result is a tasty and moist dog that goes down in just a few bites. Plan on ordering two or three to fill your appetite.

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