Garrett Popcorn Shop

Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle


Chicago’s four-star popcorn … in New York. The caramel corn is sensational, out of this world when mixed with cheese corn for a haymaker sweet-savory punch.

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Bill Homan

February 25th, 2008

I first heard about Garrett Popcorn Shop here on Roadfood and stumbled across the NYC location by chance one day. They hadn’t opened yet, but I returned the first chance I had and picked up a small bag of “The Mix” and the CaramelCrisp with macadamia. I’m a member of the Garrett congregation now.

This is quite simply some of the most amazing popcorn I’ve ever tasted (aside from my friend’s homemade caramel corn). The combination of the crispy caramel corn and the savory cheese corn is incredibly addictive and hard to stop eating. The CaramelCrisp with macadamia is at once crispy, buttery, salty and sweet with a nice dark roasted undertone.

The staff are really nice; they allowed me to take lots of pictures and also took time to talk about the different popcorn mixes. I became a huge fan after just one taste and I think you’ll be one too.


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