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Route 1 in this part of Florida… heck, the whole length of Route 1, is grossly overrun with fast-food places. A detour of just one block will bring you to Frank ‘n Stein, which has so much more to offer. We were there around noon on a weekday, and Frank ‘n Stein was busy. Once inside, you’ll find an order line, and after ordering take a seat and they’ll bring your tray to you. You can also sit at the big U-shaped counter.

What to eat at Frank ‘n Stein

They serve grilled Sabrett dogs with a wide selection of toppings. My favorite is the “no beans” chili, which is not excessively hot, but has what I feel is just the right level of spice for a dog topping. The coleslaw dog is also a favorite – the slaw has a nice vinegary bite to it that tastes great on the spicy Sabrett dog.

I am not a fan of that NY City pushcart staple, red onion sauce, but my companions said the sauce here was the standard Sabrett sauce that they know and love. My companions also raved about the bratwurst, which is served with the same choice of any of the standard toppings.

The good french fries appeared to be hand cut. Draft beer is served in frosted mugs. They also have several bottled beers, but I didn’t take notice, opting for a pitcher instead. The menu also includes such things as a meatball sub, Philly steak, and chicken sandwich… but this place is all about the dogs!

Frank ‘n Stein in Stuart is a block east of Route 1, just north of the “big bridge” in Stuart, Florida.

What To Eat

Frank ‘n Bun

Frank n’ Kraut

Frank ‘n Chili

Draft Beer, Large Mug


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2 Responses to “Frank ‘n Stein”

Susan Moore

August 24th, 2021

I lived in Stuart in the late 80’s and used to go to Frank n Stein after a hot day at the beach. LOVED the place… a great business concept and name. Will definitely be one of my first stops of I ever return to Florida. Happy to see you are still in business!


Art Smith

November 14th, 2006

I withdraw my support of Frank’n Stein in Stuart FL. I recently sang the praises of this hot dog joint in my Florida “hometown.” Today, I went in and ordered two hot dogs well-done, with brown mustard and kraut on one. Just as I had done many times recently. The surly order taker, who seemed mad at the world, seemed to have a difficult time grasping my order. I was served the hot dogs sliced down the middle so, of course, any natural juices were grilled away. I ate part of one, but it just didn’t have any zest.

Taking them back to the counter, I was informed that they were always served that way when ordered well-done. So it was not understandable by the cook-manager that I had never been served a well-done dog sliced down the middle there before. Besides, she informed me, these are natural casing hotdogs and the skin was so thick that they could not be cooked well-done; the heat couldn’t reach the center.

So much for this experiment. I’ll never visit Frank’n Stein again.


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