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Review by: Michael Stern

In the artistic, gentrifying Brooklyn Arts District north of downtown Wilmington, The Foxes Boxes (run by Randy & Rachel Fox) serves everything in little boxes. It’s a clever idea, but the unique personality of this restaurant goes beyond the way it presents meals.

Foremost, the food tastes great. It’s fresh from the farm and made from scratch. Of its authenticity one has no doubt when sinking teeth into a Cuban sandwich. It’s a handsome package, plancha-squished together right with all requisite ingredients, starring sensational roasted pork. When I ooed and aahed over it, Rachel told me that Randy learned how to do it from a sandwich-maker in Miami. The pork is brined in a Mojo marinade (garlic & citrus) then slow-roasted for six hours.

Other boxes include chicken with brie & chutney; Kalbi (Korean-flavored) steak & rice; farmer’s flatbread pizza; the grilled cheese classic; and a chickpea wrap.

Nothing on the menu is second-fiddle. Beans and broccoli snap with freshness; carrot salad is laced with ginger; roasted potatoes are fragrant with rosemary, spuds’ best friend.

The Foxes Boxes is very much part of the neighborhood, and among its stated goals is to “partner with community organizations working with marginalized populations to provide on-the-job training that incorporates leadership development, relationship building, and strong interpersonal communication skills, generating a valuable workforce for the hospitality and service industry in our region. After participating in the ‘externship’ program, employees will have the skills necessary to transition into permanent positions in the community.”

It’s a friendly place with toys and games set about on tables for children (or adults) to enjoy along with the estimable food.

What To Eat

Cuban Sandwich

Roasted Potatoes

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Waffle Stack


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