Food at Fishers Station

Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

If you choose to eat at Food at Fishers Station, you will wait in a line. Absolutely, no doubt about it, you will. If it’s your first time, and you let that be known, you’ll receive all kinds of info from your fellow standees: “they always have a special called 2-2-2, which is supposed to be two pancakes, two eggs, and two sausage patties; when it arrives there are usually way more than two pancakes, and they’re the best pancakes you’ll ever have”; “oh, great, now it’ll be even harder to get in” when we let slip that we might write about it on the net; “everything they make here is fantastic.” It’s all true.

They call them “meltaway pancakes”, and they are thin, tender, and several large steps above standard hash house flapjacks. They always have a breakfast sandwich available, and it’s served on a fluffy, feathery, flour-dusted homemade roll, piled so generously that picking it up in your hands never occurs to you. Not finishing every crumb never occurs to you either. Along with the sandwich you receive terrific crunch-crusted home fries. A frittata special of sausage, cheddar, peppers, and onions is packed to the max with cheese and flavor. A casually listed homemade muffin is simply a perfect cranberry nut muffin with a crunchy sugary crown.

Fishers Station is run by a trained chef and his wife, and the training is reflected on the plate; like the man on the line said, everything really is fantastic. Somehow, in ways that aren’t quite clear to us, everything is dense with flavor and perfectly prepared. This is not frou-frou dining; nothing served would seem out of place at your local diner, except for the fact that the food is so darn good. The room is loud; it’s crowded; it’s bustling and hectic. There’s an utter lack of pretense. And the facts that the coffee is so-so and they don’t use real maple syrup, while curious, don’t significantly change our opinion of the place.

Food at Fishers Station occupies a modest, unobtrusive house in the midst of what looks like office parks. All that indicates what’s going on in this house is a small lawn sign, and the incongruously large number of cars parked in the vicinity, as if someone’s having a neighborhood party. And while the town of Victor is a southeastern suburb of Rochester, few people in the big city even seem to be aware of Food at Fishers Station. Those that do praise the lunches even more so than the breakfasts. Awfully hard for us to believe. Food at Fishers Station is the kind of Roadfood eatery we dream about.

Note: Food at Fishers Station has VERY limited hours. They serve breakfast only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7am – 11am and Sunday from 7am – noon. They no longer serve lunch. Also, they are located just a couple of minutes off the NY State Thruway, at exit 45.

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Raisin French Toast and Sausage Patties

Homemeade Muffin


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