Fisherman’s Market

Review by: Jess Dawson

Fisherman’s Market has been home to a bright neon sign and perpetually busy parking lot since 1989. In the commercial fishing business for decades, owners Ryan and Debbie Rogers have ties with all the local fishermen. That means you’re getting the freshest possible catch, every time.

Just outside the kitchen is a tank of live Oregon Dungeness crabs, available as a take-home delicacy or in-house crab dinner steamed with lemon and butter. There are also daily and weekly specials, clams, fish tacos, mac ‘n’ cheese, sandwiches, and poke salad. There are gluten-light options if that’s your thing.

The butter-to-white-wine ratio of garlic-tinged drunken clams is a good one, with just enough butter to cling to the succulent clams. A chewy dinner roll is nothing special, except when dipped in the sauce. Then, it sings.

The fish and chips menu is extensive, including halibut, albacore (when available), wild salmon, shrimp, bay scallops, calamari, snapper, oysters, clams, and cod. Classic cod, served with fries and honey-poppyseed or lime-cilantro coleslaw is fresh and flaky: an ideal vehicle for dipping sauces.

The six sauces are delicious on everything. There’s a curry-leaning option, one with wasabi, two spicy dips, a cocktail sauce, and dill-heavy tartare. My favorite is Tijuana Terror with jalapeño, lime, cilantro, and garlic; a close second is Ragin’ Cajun with green onion and garlic.

Crab cakes are another good sauce-dipper. They’re packed with fresh crab meat and have a good stay-together texture. We also like the Hawaiian opah fish taco grilled in poki sauces and served with a “mean green” taco sauce. The double-corn tortillas taste fresh and homemade. 

Finally: lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. Rich and creamy, crisp on top with a soft, gooey center, it could use a little more lobster. But the pieces you do get are well worth finding.

The staff is patient and friendly, quick to share what they had for lunch. And while a lot of folks come to eat on the outdoor patio, it’s clear that the market section also sees a lot of business. There are canned salmon, salmon jerky and filets, fresh oysters, Cajun crawfish pie, and more on display for sale.

What To Eat

Drunken clams

Cod fish ‘n’ chips

Crab cakes

Lobster mac ‘n’ cheese

Hawaiian opah fish taco


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