Farmer’s Daughters

Review by: Jess Dawson

Farmer’s Daughters is part of the 37-room RSVP Motel, a renovated roadside motel that opened last year to offer Bozeman visitors a charming, affordable place to “Rest. Stay. Vacate. Play.” The restaurant is owned by two local women who are part of the Wheat Montana family (fun fact: the Wheat Montana Farm is in the Guinness Book of World Records for cutting, milling, mixing, and baking a loaf of bread in 8 minutes, 13 seconds). As such, the breads are delicious, and made in house. 

The space is eclectic and modern, with pops of color and lots of fresh flowers. Unsurprisingly, the menu features a supporting cast of local farmers and ranchers, from Summit Valley Farms to Ghost Town Coffee Roasters (the brew was excellent). 

We order at the counter, and take a number to our table, a light pink metal number straight out of a magazine. We start with the chia pudding bowl, an appetizer of sorts. It’s the perfect thing to split as you only want a few bites: Wheat Montana chia seeds, coconut milk, honey, and berries make for a rich and creamy dish. A sprinkling of house granola helps cut the sweetness.  

The waffle is perfectly cooked, with crisp edges. It’s apparently gluten-free, though I never would have guessed; this might be why it isn’t quite as heavy as your average breakfast carb. Coconut whipped cream is an unexpected touch, adding a sweetness that isn’t cloying. 

Salmon toast is unique, the salmon beet-cured, with a coriander-forward flavor (who knew that was even a thing?). Its pickled onions are crunchy and tangy, and vegan cream cheese is rich and creamy—again, I never would have guessed it wasn’t the real thing. With everything piled high on the chewy sourdough, each bite is better than the last. 

Haylee’s Hangover Helper doesn’t look too appetizing, but it is delicious. The eggs are fresh and perfectly cooked, drizzled with vegan Hollandaise and sitting atop smoky bacon, white cheddar cheese, black beans, and potato hash.

The dining room is filled with young travelers and families in between trips to national parks. No one’s in a hurry, and why would anyone be? They serve breakfast and rosé all day.

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