Elite Restaurant

Review by: Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle

The Elite is a Greek-American-owned Southern diner serving a terrific enchilada plate. It’s not a diner in the New Jersey sense of the word, yet they specialize in the kinds of food you would expect to find in diners, if diners had originated in the American South; simple, comforting food.

An iceberg lettuce salad arrives with a squeeze bottle of dressing. This is the Jackson classic Comeback Sauce (although not referred to as such by the menu or your waitress), a cousin of Thousand Island. Refreshing. Shrimp are fried greaselessly in a tempura-like coating. The enchilada plate is simply as good as it gets. Gooey, laced with raw chopped onions, topped with a mantle of orange cheese; this is not delicate food. Meals come with a basket of outstanding, hot, freshly-baked rolls. For dessert, we recommend the chess pie, almost like sweetened and lemoned butter in a flaky crust. A slice will satisfy two of you.

We highly recommend visiting the Elite for some good home-style cooking and Greek-accented Dixie charm.

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October 1st, 2022

Loved the Elite!! Miss it so much; I wish the owner of the Elite would sell their recipes to another restaurant so that we could enjoy these wonderful meals OR have the Elite open back up in a prominent location so that the Elite would be once again what it used to be and what so many people loved!!!


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