Worth driving from anywhere!

On the waterfront in Fairhaven, owned by Norwegian-American scallopers, serving first-class seafood at reasonable prices, Elisabeth’s is nothing short of spectacular. At first glance from outside, the corner restaurant looks a bit uptown with its stylish etched martini logo on the windows, but the interior is casual, walls bedecked with mounted fish and nautical nick-nacks, service friendly and relaxed.

The menu is vast, ranging from pizza and crabcake BLTs to plates of beautifully presented local seafood: haddock, swordfish, cod and – best of all – scallops. The scallops are dayboat beauties, each at least a couple of good forkfuls, available four different ways: baked, sliced in a cassoulet with lobster in sherry cream sauce, dusted with porcini mushrooms in thyme beurre blanc, and maple-bacon glazed grilled. That last one is a knock-out, a harmonic trio of three different sweetnesses. On the side, in a scallop shell comes a pillow of cheddar smashed potatoes.

Prior to the main course, chowder is essential. It is New England-style, but more buttery than creamy, loaded with good-size nuggets of tender clam and potato.

All sorts of cakes are available for dessert. Because the kitchen had run out of chocolate Almond Joy cake, I got espresso chip cake with coffee icing and Oreo cream cake. Believe me, these are not silly novelty items. They are bakehouse masterpieces – common cookie and candy flavors made holy. On the side of each slice comes a mound of whipped cream. I mean cream that is whipped, every morning, not something from a spray can.

If you are in the New Bedford area and like seafood, this place is a must.

What to Eat
Elisabeth’s, Maple Glazed Scallops
Maple Glazed Scallops
Grilled scallops are glazed with maple and garnished with bacon. The aroma of this dish makes my head spin. The mix of flavors is memorable.
Elisabeth’s, Chowder
Magnificent clam chowder. Rich and buttery, thick with clams and tender nuggets of potato, it is a South Coast classic.
Elisabeth’s, Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
Cheddary mashed potatoes are presented in a scallop shell.
Elisabeth’s, Onion Bread
Onion Bread
It was difficult not to fill up on the good bread that precedes a meal. It is laced with vividly-flavored onion and glazed with balsamic vinegar. Dense, chewy, and morning-fresh. 'It's homemade!' my waitress assured me. No doubt about that.
Elisabeth’s, Oreo Cake
Oreo Cake
I was skeptical about Oreo cake, expecting it to be a jejune novelty. I was wrong. It is a baker's triumph, the common cookie flavors elevated to glory. That whipped cream is dense and dairy fresh.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday4pm - 8pm
Thursday4pm - 8pm
Friday4pm - 8pm
Saturday4pm - 8pm
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The northeast has four main kinds of clam chowder. Manhattan is tomato-red and full of vegetables, rarely served northeast of New York City. South Coast, a specialty of Connecticut and Rhode Island, has neither tomatoes nor cream, but is clear and brothy with salt-pork savor and potatoes. Rhode Island (a rarity these days) is light…

Open Year Round
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Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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