El Tepeyac Cafe

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El Tepeyec Cafe is a fixture in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles and dishes out large portions of Mexican food.

No longer a hidden gem in the Mexican community, at lunchtime this restaurant has a line of hungry patrons lined up at the outside order window waiting to place their order. When your meal is ready, you can sit at one of several outdoor Formica tables beneath the building’s canopy.

What should I eat at El Tepeyac Cafe?

El Tepeyac Cafe’s claim to fame is the Hollenbeck burrito. Named after the local police precinct, this behemoth of a plate-sized “wet” burrito.  It is bursting with tender pork, cheese, beans, rice, and guacamole. Generously studded with hunks of stewed pork, the ranchero sauce that covers the burrito packs more flavor than punch. You can also try the “Manuel Special” if you dare, a burrito that’s twice as expensive and three times the size of the Hollenbeck Burrito; however, the Manuel Special would likely be more suited for feeding a family of four.

A visit to L.A. would not be complete without a stop at El Tepeyac for authentic Cal-Mex street food. *original post by Dale Fine*

What To Eat

Hollenbeck Burrito

Carne Asada Taco

Tortilla Chips


El Tepeyac Cafe Recipes


What do you think of El Tepeyac Cafe?

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Samuel Shor

September 9th, 2009

El Tepeyac Cafe was slightly difficult to find but once I searched it out, it was well worth the pursuit. It has become very popular and, as a result, it can be hard to park. It also takes a little time to get seated. I was able to grab a spot at the bar so the wait actually wasn’t too long for me.

They’re known for their massive machaca burrito, which I witnessed but did not partake in. It looks like it could feed about five hungry people. I ordered two tacos: one carne asada, which is your basic corn tortilla taco, and one pollo, which is deep-fried. The carne asada was easily the best taco I’ve ever had. The meat is delicious beyond words, seasoned perfectly. The onions and cilantro are the perfect accompaniments.

The pollo, on the other hand, was subpar. The chicken is gamey and shredded and there is about four times the amount of cheese than there needs to be. The chips are good. They are served with a green and a red salsa, both good.

The staff is great, service is quick, and the place is pretty clean. I would drive far, far out of my way for the carne asada tacos.


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