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Worth a return


We used to adore Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, and frequently directed people to it for the best tuna salad and egg salad sandwiches in town. In our opinion, this hole in the wall on Fifth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets was an only-in-New York experience.

It still is the quintessential New York sandwich shop, but it is our belief that the food is not what it used to be. Tuna and egg salad sandwiches, once the perfect fork-blended melange with plenty of mayo — but not too much — seemed more pulverized than mixed. The meat loaf on a hot meat loaf plate was pretty darn good, but the mashed potatoes that came alongside were watery. An egg cream was fine, but the lemonade was an insipid mix.

Maybe it was a bad day. Maybe we should have ordered chopped liver or hot pastrami or a Reuben sandwich. We WILL be back, that’s for sure. Because even if the food has slipped, the place is a delight. It seems unchanged for decades, a ridiculously skinny space with tiny two-top tables along one wall and stools positioned so close to the counter that anyone over 5’2″ tall will be playing kneesies with the knee guard.

Service is swift and sassy, by countermen who are experts at selling the famous sandwiches and who seemed genuinely upset when we didn’t finish all our mashed potatoes.

What to Eat
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Fried Salami Sandwich
Fried Salami Sandwich
A nice stack of juicy, garlicky fried salami on a crusty roll. Cheese too. Excellent stuff.
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Tuna Salad Sandwich
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Eisenberg has long been known for its tuna salad sandwich. This one was well-built on good rye and generously apportioned, but the tuna salad itself did not sparkle.
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Hot Meat Loaf
Hot Meat Loaf
Hot meat loaf with mashed potatoes and gravy is the lunch special every Tuesday and Thursday. The loaf, which the menu boasts is made from Eisenberg's original recipe, tastes good. The potatoes, in the background, couldn't be flatter.
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Potato Salad
Potato Salad
We ordered potato salad with our sandwiches. When it hadn't arrived, we reminded our waiter, who quickly scooped a mugful for us. No charge. Regular commercial potato salad, but there was something about this service style that we enjoyed...
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Salami and Eggs
Salami and Eggs
A plate of salami and eggs is finished with home fries and rye toast, making this one justly greasy and comforting breakfast on a Saturday morning.
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Cherry-Lime Rickey
Cherry-Lime Rickey
Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, Tuna & Egg Salad Combo Sandwich
Tuna & Egg Salad Combo Sandwich
While the rye bread was ordinary, the tuna & egg salad combo was everything I could have hoped for. Both flavors really stood out and it was very moist without being drippy.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Monday9am - 6pm
Tuesday9am - 6pm
Wednesday9am - 6pm
Thursday9am - 6pm
Friday9am - 6pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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