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A little over six years ago, I wrote a review for Eddie’s that was a bit of a mixed bag. I loved some dishes while others just didn’t work for me. I am happy to report that I have been back numerous times since then, by myself and with family, and I have loved it more and more with each visit.

The Giant Beef BBQ sandwich has nothing to do with BBQ pits, smoked meat or sauce. As is the case with many “BBQ” sandwiches across Central NY, the focus is on slow roasted meat that is then simmered in its own juices. Just a great sandwich with a LOT of flavor and the scratch-made mashed potatoes & gravy on the side were no slouch.

While I have grown to love their classic Hot Ham on a Toasted Bun, the sleeper hit for me is their Grilled Hot Ham sandwich. Capicola ham piled high on buttered and toasted Italian bread and paired with gooey melted provolone cheese proved to be an unbeatable combination for me.

I finally had a chance to try Eddie’s Italian Greens, their version of the classic Central NY appetizer/side dish. Greens are sautéed escarole greens with onions, garlic, hot peppers, romano cheese and in this case, a healthy dose of chopped hot ham. Earthy, rich and with a bit of crunch they do justice to this dish.

My only regret with the Fifi’s Special is that I had waited so long to try it, Fifi is the nickname of Florence Stewart, who along with Eddie Stewart, was the co-founder of Eddie’s back in 1934. The sauce for this dish includes incredibly tender pieces of pork and beef that are part of Eddie’s over 80-year old sauce recipe. Combine that with some hot & sweet peppers and rigatoni and you’ve got a huge, hearty bowl that is pure comfort and can probably make one or two more meals!

Eddie’s has a new, fresh looking neon sign out front, complete with their phone number, website and a very jovial pig on it, sporting a chef’s hat and apron. Despite the 21st century upgrade, the always wonderful pies have remained the same as when I first came here in the late 1970s. On recent visits I’ve had many, many slices of their chocolate cream pie, which is my standby, their peanut butter pie (with a comically large crown of whipped cream topping) and on my most recent visit, I sampled a couple of bites from my brother-in-law’s slice of Fresh Strawberry Pie, which they only make on Fridays when strawberries are in season. Just a hint of crust and the most minimal of fillings were holding these juicy, ripe strawberries in place. While asking about which pie slices to order our waitress told us that they are all still made by Helen, an 86-year old woman who has been making the pies for decades. She recently took on an apprentice to help with the fillings but she still comes in every day as she truly loves her work and it can be tasted in every bite.

I’m so glad Eddie’s has carried on for over 80 years and is still thriving. They are only open seasonally from mid-April until mid-October, depending on the weather. Should you find yourself in CNY, make a point of checking out the Sylvan Beach area in the summer when the town is really hopping and stop at Eddie’s for some terrific homemade food, still made by the Stewart family.

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