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Dwight’s of Lafayette has a full menu of barbecue, grilled meats, po boys, and gumbo, but it’s crawfish that is the star any way it is served.

Local place with local flavor

Dwight’s was recommended to us by a local in Lafayette so we knew it would be a good choice. Dwight’s serves only beer, and is clearly a Roadfood experience and our experience was fabulous. The clientele is almost exclusively locals. According to Brittney, our wonderful server, Dwight’s is only open during crawfish season, roughly January through May.

What should I eat at Dwight’s?

Three pounds of boiled crawfish cost $13. We chose the hot and spicy preparation. Brittney pointed out that other diners that evening found it too hot and had to wash off the spice. We found it spiced just right. If hot isn’t hot enough, the crawfish is served with horseradish and mayo, and there’s a variety of hot sauces on the table for you to make your own concoctions.

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