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Dottie’s Fountain & Grill is a quintessential small-town lunch counter with a menu of burgers, sandwiches, blue-plate specials, and milkshakes, plus terrific buckwheat cakes for breakfast.

Englander’s Drugstore in downtown Oakland, Maryland was established in 1946. The drugstore is no more, alas — it’s been turned into an antiques mall, but the old pharmacy lunch counter was saved and now operates as Dottie’s Fountain and Grill.

The restaurant is at the back of the building, past the antiques stalls and pictures of Englander’s in its heyday. It’s the quintessential small-town lunch counter; outsiders are definitely noticed (and welcomed), and one gets the sense that much town business and catching-up is conducted over a steak sandwich or an ice cream soda.

What to eat at Dottie’s Fountain & Grill

The menu features most lunch-counter and soda-fountain standbys such as burgers, sandwiches (including peanut butter & jelly for just a dollar), blue-plate specials, and milkshakes, all of which are good… but the real reason to drive out of your way to come to Dottie’s Fountain & Grill is breakfast. The usual eggs and pancakes and coffee shop fare are all here, but the standout dish is the buckwheat cakes. These thin, almost crepe-like pancakes aren’t like most buckwheat pancakes you’ll find: the buckwheat is locally grown in Garrett County (Maryland) and the adjoining Preston County (West Virginia). Unusually, these buckwheat cakes are sourdough, made with a starter. This lends them a nutty tang that melds perfectly with maple syrup.

The pork sausage is notable as well; it’s coarse-ground and homemade (Dottie’s does a thriving takeout frozen-sausage business) and nicely seasoned with a mild sage flavor.

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Buckwheat Pancakes

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