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Prepare to wait your turn at Di Fara Pizza. This humble but hugely popular corner shop, where Dominic DeMarco pulls hot pizza from the oven with his bare hands (so he can test doneness). The thin-crust pie is made with imported mozzarella, daily-made sauce, hand-ground parmesan and basil leaves picked from the window plants and snipped with a scissors. Loyalists consider Di Fara’s the best pizza on earth.

Located in the neighborhood of Midwood Brooklyn is Di Fara Pizza. I’d never noticed this small restaurant for the many years I’ve lived in this neighborhood, but after seeing its name come up in many national publications, I figured I’d give it a try.

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I thought this pizza would differ little from the many other pizza places that abound in Brooklyn, but I was proven wrong. This pizza had a unique taste like nothing else I have ever had before. It must be due to the fact that Dominic DeMarco of DiFara’s uses fresh buffalo mozzarella that he imports from Italy, and the sweet sauce, made fresh daily, is made with a combination of canned and fresh tomatoes. He uses imported olive oil and fresh seasoning, some from plants growing right on the counter. The pizza has a thin, slightly burnt-at-the-edges crust, and the combination of fresh ingredients all blend together to taste just right.

Watching Dom slowly prepare the pizza in his white apron is like watching an artist at work as he grinds the Parmesan cheese by hand, carefully adds the toppings, and pulls the hot pizza out of the oven with his bare hands! He tops it of by adding fresh basil, which he cuts onto the pizza with a scissor.

A word of warning: be prepared to wait a long time, even if you want just one slice, because it is always crowded. But it is worth it!

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