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You can count on David Gibson’s for friendly service and fine chopped pork sandwiches. This is also a great place to try northern Alabama’s unique white sauce, which goes great on chicken. Finish off your meal with a slice of their first-rate pie.

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barbecue sandwich

barbecue chicken

Chopped Brisket

Chocolate Cream Pie

Lemon meringue pie

Coconut meringue pie

Pork Barbecue


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June 20th, 2014

This place has remained pretty much unchanged for decades and that’s reflected in the menu as much as the decor. The chairs look as if they’ve come from a church meeting hall and the tables are covered in plastic. The food looks as if it’s the exact same thing that came out of the kitchen in the sixties. Everything is served in or on disposable containers, so you can eat it there or take it away.

In addition to a pickle and two hush-puppies, plates come with three sides, making it a good value meal. You’d be wise to try the fried okra, the baked beans (sweet and tasty), and the tangy coleslaw. Their most popular dish is the pulled pork plate. The meat is delicious on its own, but I liked their homemade barbecue sauce. For afters, their homemade pies are equally delicious; piled high with soft meringue.


Mike Stroud

April 5th, 2011

Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q in Decatur, Alabama has received a lot of national attention in recent years for its exemplary North Alabama barbecue. But most folks don’t know that, just 30 miles to the east in the considerably more cosmopolitan city of Huntsville, one of Big Bob’s sons, David, set up shop back in the 1950s to give the people working at the nearby Redstone Arsenal a taste of his father’s style of closed-pit cooking.

Located in southwestern Huntsville, David Gibson’s Barbeque is a bastion of traditional, uncomplicated Southern cuisine, as well as mid-20th century decor, with the classic wood paneling in the small dining area. The region’s traditional pulled and chopped pork takes center stage on the menu, but don’t overlook the fine rendition of North Alabama barbecued chicken, featuring the famous “white sauce” of mayonnaise, vinegar, and black pepper, drenched all over the poultry. David Gibson’s also serves a catfish sandwich, for non-BBQ eaters in your crowd.

But take this reviewer’s word: order a “jumbo” barbecue sandwich and you won’t go wrong. Underneath the top of the bun lies some of the most succulent, smoky pork available in those parts, topped with a medium-shredded, vinegar-based coleslaw–be sure to say “hold the slaw” if that’s not your thing. Sprinkle a little vinegar-and-pepper sauce, and you have a miniature barbecue feast.

This is a perfect place for take-out, particularly if you’re visiting attractions such as the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, just a short drive away. It’s definitely a taste of North Alabama for not much money.


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