Cupboard Restaurant

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One of the best

The Cupboard Restaurant built a reputation for great vegetables starting over half a century ago. Now located in a former Shoney’s on Union Ave., it has gone from ramshackle charm to corporate efficiency with plenty of parking and a comfortable dining room with broad enough aisles for waitresses to tote plates overflowing with good things to eat.

Vegetables remain the foundation. The Cupboard’s printed menu, which is different for each day of the week, lists a choice of eighteen to twenty of them, along with about five entrees and desserts. Among the main courses are such plate-lunch paradigms as baked chicken and dressing, beef tips with noodles, and a fried veal cutlet. One entrée plus three vegetables – served on an unbreakable partitioned plate, so buttered squash doesn’t mingle with rutabaga turnips – costs about $10.

Many customers skip the entrée altogether and get a four-vegetable plate, sweet tea on the side, plus blackberry cobbler or lemon ice box pie for dessert. All meals come with a basket that holds creamy-centered cornbread gem muffins and yeast rolls.

Of special note among the veggies are plain sliced fresh tomatoes (and we do mean fresh, in season!) as well as tangy fried green tomatoes. The sweet potato is one whole one, baked in its skin until marshmallow-soft. And we love the luxurious corn pudding.

Cupboard cookbooks are available for sale near the cash register, and they contain excellent recipes. But where we live – NOT the South – such fine raw ingredients make only rare and brief appearances in the supermarket.

What to Eat
Cupboard Restaurant, fresh vegetables
fresh vegetables
Four great vegetables. Clockwise from top left: steamed cabbage, eggplant casserole, crowder peas, and fried green tomatoes.
Cupboard Restaurant, yeast rolls
yeast rolls
Probably the best bread basket in Memphis: tiny cornbread gem muffins and puffy yeast rolls. Both, of course, arrive oven-hot.
Cupboard Restaurant, Lemon Icebox Pie
Lemon Icebox Pie
Balm for the tongue, lemon ice box pie is silk-smooth and cool; and its flavor is a precise balance of sweetness and citrus tang.
Cupboard Restaurant, Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
A dessert tour de force: lemon meringue pie that is taller than it is wide ... and even more delicious than it looks.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday7 am - 8 pm
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Tuesday7 am - 8 pm
Wednesday7 am - 8 pm
Thursday7 am - 8 pm
Friday7 am - 8 pm
Saturday7 am - 8 pm
Open Year Round
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