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Review by: Michael Stern

Breakfast is the big meal of the day at the Countrie Eatery, originally known as the Blue Coat Pancake House. There are fine buttermilk pancakes, available with with bananas, berries, apples, pecans, or chocolate chips; there are poached eggs on crab cakes, pigs in blankets, and creamed chipped beef on toast. French toast is made with regular bread or raisin bread. For those in search of a true mid-Atlantic side dish, the kitchen makes scrapple — two thick slices from the loaf, fried until crunchy on the outside, but moist and porky within.

At lunch you can have a crab cake sandwich, a half-pound sirloin burger, or a hot sandwich made with turkey, pork, or beef. Fried oysters are hand-breaded; or you can have fresh oyster stew. French onion soup is indulgent luxury; Maryland crab soup is sweet and spicy. Excellent desserts included apple dumplings, rice pudding, bread pudding, and a Delaware peach crisp.

The Countrie Eatery is a three-meal-a-day coffee shop with Colonial-style primitive art and crafts on display.

What To Eat


crab balls

Corned beef hash

chipped beef (Sussex breakfast)



Little Creek


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Mrs, R

January 2nd, 2004

I grew up in the area and have visited many times. The breakfast is outstanding with the real stand-outs being the Aegean Omelet (fresh tomatoes and feta cheese is fluffy egg envelope), and any of the pancake breakfasts (their pancakes are light yet satisfying – try the banana walnut with warm syrup). Presentation is on big thick ceramic plates with a fresh fruit granish. The coffee is delicious – Lacas brand – and the waitresses fill early and often. I also strongly recommend you try the crab melt. Crab in a pancake house? Oh yes. The Countrie Eatery is the little sister of the locally famous Blue Coat Inn, known far and wide for their delicious crab cakes and crab imperial. At the Eaterie you can get the same crab (same recipe, same supplier) at a pancake house price. This is real, backfin lump crab from Delaware and Maryland blue crabs. The crab melt is crab imperial (heavy on the crab, light on the seasonings to let the real sweet crab taste shine) served on crunchy english muffins, topped with melted cheese. Ask for “no Cheese” if you really need a pure crab fix.

Regarding decor – it’s country kitsch, heavy on the cows. Definitely ask for a seat in the back room overlooking the lake. Also, they dont take credit cards so bring cash!


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