Condrell’s Candies & Ice Cream

Review by: Michael Stern

Buffalo just may be America’s #1 ice cream city, boasting many parlors that make their own (ice cream and/or toppings) and construct truly spectacular sundaes all crowned with freshly whipped cream. Many such places also are candy stores, with jaw-dropping arrays of chocolates. Condrell’s is one of the best.

We’re not sure if its formal name is Condrell’s or King Condrell’s; both are used on menus, on signs, and when employees speak of it. No matter, because what’s important here are sundaes – some of the best on the planet. Atop luxurious, house-made ice cream you can have basso profundo hot fudge, warm French chocolate sauce that is lighter-flavored than fudge and more pudding-like, or traditional chocolate sauce that is thin and innocent. Marshmallow topping is smooth as cream, caramel is extra-buttery, whipped cream is utterly fresh, and nuts are crisp and salted just enough to be a perfect foil for everything sweet. Portions are big.

Do not neglect Condrell’s candies. There are exemplary sponge candies and Charlie Chaplins (Buffalo faves), as well as more universally-known delights including  molasses paddles and molasses chips enrobed in dark or light chocolate, truffles of every kind, cashew or pecan turtles, chocolate covered chunks of candied orange, pineapple, and ginger, dozens of varieties of cream centers, nut barks, chocolate-covered pretzels, and malted milk balls. To shop at Condrell’s is truly to be a kid in a candy store. No metaphor exists to express the bliss of a Condrell’s sundae.

What To Eat


Crazy Monkey Sundae

Roamin’ Buffalo Sundae

Sponge Candy


Condrell’s Candies & Ice Cream Recipes


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