Coffee Cup Café

Small Town Café
Worth driving from anywhere!

If you find yourself southeast of Des Moines looking for a square meal, drive around the town square of Sully until you spot the Coffee Cup Café. With its short counter, laminate tables, and menu of heartland square meals, this inconspicuous eatery is a hearty slice of Roadfood, Iowa-style.

At breakfast, we love the plate-wide golden pancakes accompanied by rounds of sausage; and this being Iowa, of course the kitchen makes beautiful cinnamon buns (the unofficial state pastry). The buns are not huge, but they are mighty good, served warm from their pan with plenty of butter on the side.

The lunch menu includes hot beef sandwiches and tenderloin steaks, and there is one big hot meal every day – such fare as baked ham, roast chicken, and pork chops. Whatever else you eat for lunch, have a Dutch salad on the side. This is a regional specialty made of crisp iceberg leaves bathed in a warm sweet and sour creamy mustard dressing with pieces of bacon and slices of hard-cooked egg.

Of course, dessert at the Coffee Cup Café must be pie. The kitchen’s cream pies are ethereal, virtually floating off their crusts; the fruit double-crust pies are dusted with sugar crystals and are the sort that you simply don’t find outside the pie-happy state of Iowa.

What to Eat
Coffee Cup Café, Pancakes
Coffee Cup Cafe's pancakes are soft and fluffy and fill up the entire plate.
Coffee Cup Café, Dutch Salad
Dutch Salad
Midwest cooks have a repertoire of salads found nowhere else. Dutch lettuce, a favorite at the Coffee Cup Cafe, is a central Iowa specialty with warm, creamy-sweet mustard dressing, bacon, and hard-boiled egg all atop a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce.
Coffee Cup Café, Pie
For pie lovers, a beautiful sight... Coffee Cup Cafe's coconut creme pie!
Coffee Cup Café, Pecan Roll
Pecan Roll
While we were disappointed there were no cinnamon buns on the menu the morning we stopped in, this tasty pecan roll more than made up for it.
Coffee Cup Café, Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun
No state in the union is more passionate for cinnamon buns than Iowa. While not the biggest, Coffee Cup's buns are among the best.
Coffee Cup Café, Hot Beef Sandwich
Hot Beef Sandwich
Hot beef tends to be more popular farther north, but the Coffee Cup version must not be missed. The beef is fallapart tender and juicy, the mashed potatoes are real, as is the gravy, and the bread is double-thick slices from a baked-here loaf.
Coffee Cup Café, Tenderloin
A classic Iowa tenderloin. It comes with pickle and onions. Ketchup and mustard are added by the customer.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Monday6 am - 1:30 pm
Tuesday6 am - 8 pm
Wednesday6 am - 1:30 pm
Thursday6 am - 8 pm
Friday6 am - 9 pm
Saturday5 pm - 8 pm
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Cinnamon rolls can be found almost everywhere, but no state has better (and bigger) ones than Iowa.

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Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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