Cody’s La Jolla

Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

La Jolla Cove brings tourists from near and far, and has plenty of restaurants to feed them. When one specific restaurant has a line out the door for the entire day, it’s an eyebrow raiser. Cody’s La Jolla was so bustling when we walked by that we felt we had to try it. The American breakfast and brunch restaurant offered a one page menu packed with everything from French toast and fluffy omelets to fish tacos. The hardworking staff took our name and we were seated in about 15 minutes. The large indoor dining room was packed with hungry brunch-goers, so we squeezed into a table in the small outdoor seating area. Surprisingly, our food was prepared as if the place wasn’t busy at all; we were happy to receive our order in a timely fashion.

Fish Tacos were advertised to be new on the menu. Battered local cod never tasted so good, with just the right amount of breading sitting on crisp red cabbage all wrapped loosely by corn tortilla with creme fraiche. Prepped elegantly simple, and with a side of refried beans seasoned chili-style, this dish was on its way to being on the menu permanently.

At a restaurant so close to the ocean, we were excited to dive into more seafood. Who could resist a dish called Crab Cake Benedict? Though the patties were on the small side, quality was not sacrificed. Light hollandaise sauce was drizzled over the densely packed meat, poached egg, and toasted English Muffin. All flavors combined to make every bite ridiculously tasty. Avocado is an added option. This was a true seafood delight / breakfast classic.

To balance heartier dishes, we recommend the Healthy Breakfast Salad. It is two poached eggs over a mix of spinach and market greens with goat cheese, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini, and tomatoes. We chose to add grilled chicken for fun, and did not regret it. The heaping amount of chicken breast was cooked perfectly and made the salad even better. The dressing was what stole the show. It was lemon basil vinaigrette with the feel of ranch dressing, taking greens to a whole new level.

Washing down our entrees with a signature champagne spritzer, this meal was a filling success. Syrups are made in house and derived from local fruit and ingredients. Our Blackberry Sage Spritzer was beautifully displayed and tasted crisp and sweet.

Entrees were all high quality, made from the freshest local ingredients. If you are looking for a brunch spot outside of the city and next to some beautiful ocean overlooks, this is the place for you. It is pricier than street eats you’ll find around San Diego’s downtown area, but the food and view are high quality and worth a detour.

What To Eat

Fish Tacos

Crab Cakes Benedict

Healthy Breakfast Salad

Blackberry Sage Spritzer


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