Casse-Croûte du Vieux Moulin

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West of the Jacques-Cartier River, through farmland and forest, past horse paddocks and snowmobile trails, Rang de L’Enfant Jesus (Route 358) leads to the rugged town of Pont-Rouge, and the appropriately scruffy Casse-Croûte du Vieux Moulin. Exterior walls are plastered with ads for a local depilatory studio, a house painter, a bicycle repair shop, etc.; one half of the building is a bar latier offering the sundaes, blizzards, banana splits, jumbo slushes, peanut busters, and a sandwich Oreo maison.

The setting may be rag-tag, but Vieux-Moulin’s guedille is elegant. The guedille, a staple of Quebec’s eat-in-the-rough canteens, is a grill-toasted hot dog bun, usually filled with chicken, eggs, or seafood, or, as here in the guedille chou, made without meat: mayo, mustard, and a heap of brilliant, tangy cole slaw, garnished with a half-dozen crunchy sticks of pommes frites. Lacking meat, it is a light, salad-like dish for fast food lovers.

As is true of every Casse-Croûte (snack bar) in Quebec, Vieux Moulin makes a big deal of poutine. And it is a big deal, some of the best poutine anywhere, available festooned with smoked meat, barbecue, steak, or sausage. It is distinguished by an abundance of moist, squeaky-fresh, big-flavored curds for which the gravy is a mere halo. Below the cheese are French fries that retain some crisp edges but mostly have been transformed by their blanket of cheese and gravy into a soft, starchy pallet.

What to Eat
Casse-Croûte du Vieux Moulin, Guidille Chou
Guidille Chou
Guedille chou: tangy cole slaw, mayo, and mustard with a garnish of French fries in a butter-grilled bun.
Casse-Croûte du Vieux Moulin, Poutine
Poutine made right: crisp twice-fried French fries, squeaky-fresh cheese curds, and just enough brown gravy to be a savory halo.
Casse-Croûte du Vieux Moulin, Cheeseburger
The better cheeseburgers in Quebec are served on well-toasted buns.
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Made from a cured and smoked brisket, the smoked meat of Quebec is a cousin of the pastrami found in U.S. delis. It is luxuriously fatty, packed with spice, and so fragile that it demands careful hand-cutting. Here are a couple of top sources in Montreal and a few along the byways of the province.

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